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to quickly & easily register for

Local Games or State Finals.


NOTE: As of July 15, Pickleball registration is CLOSED for 2024 State Finals.


Click on the following link for Help Videoshttps://www.ncseniorgames.org/registration-videos 


If you have trouble logging in, please review the details below and then email us at ncsg@ncseniorgames.org with a description of what is happening.


Step 1: Register an account.

If you have an account from last year-login.  

If you aren't sure select "forgot user name".  You may not register another with the same email address.

To register a new account as a returning participant:

  • You must use the information on your Qualifier letter/last year's Local Games or State Finals Confirmation : fname, lname, DOB, email must match the Local Games records EXACTLY.  Contact your Local Coordinator if there are errors.

To register a new account as a first time participant:

  • Provide an email address that is unique to you (i.e. not shared with anyone else) and your date of birth.  
  • Receive email confirmation...click to verify your account and begin the registration process.  
  • Required to complete online registration:
    • The name of your Local Games.  See the Local Games page of the NCSG website for a listing of Local Games by county.
    • Payment with a credit card.
    • Heritage, Visual and Literary electronic file (doc, pdf, rtf)  to submit each piece.  Literary pieces must be pdf's.
    • Performing Arts and Cheerleader Group Leaders valid music file (mp3), if the act uses recorded music.
    • Team Sports - Team Name(s) or enter Unknown.


 State Finals

FIRST review the State Finals Entry Packet for Important Information regarding policies, deadlines, fees and activities (https://www.ncseniorgames.org/register)

Second, ensure you have all the above items and an account.


  • Log in and qualifying activities will appear on the registration screen.
  • You can remove those activities in which you do not wish to participate.  
  • If there are activities you would like to register for that are not listed, contact your Local Coordinator.  
    • The NCSG staff cannot add activities to your registration; only a Local Coordinator can add a qualified activity to your record.

After registering:


Local Games  

  • Find your Local Games at this link: https://www.ncseniorgames.org/find-your-local-games
  • Log in to the account you have created using the information above.  
  • Select the Local Games for which you want to register. 
  • If that Local Games isn't a selection for you, you can "add a Local Games" on the left menu once you log in.  Then log out and log back in to select the new Local Games.
  • Read the instructions on the screen as you proceed with your Registration.  After you check out you will receive an email payment receipt.
  • Contact your Local Coordinator if you have questions about registering for your Local Games.



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