This is the Torch 1.0 network,

to quickly & easily register for Local Games or State Finals.


Step 1: Register an account.

 Since this is the first year for Torch 1.0, everyone must create an account.

 You must use the information on your Qualifier letter: fname, lname, DOB, email must match the Local Games records.  Contact your Local Coordinator if there are errors.

  • Provide an email address that is unique to you (i.e. not shared with anyone else) and your date of birth.  
  • Receive email confirmation...click to verify your account and begin the registration process.  
  • Required to complete online registration:
    • The name of your Local Games.  See the Local Games page of the NCSG website for a listing of Local Games by county.
    • Payment with a credit card.
    • Heritage, Visual and Literary electronic file (doc, pdf, rtf)  to submit each piece.
    • Performing Arts and Cheerleader Group Leaders valid music file (mp3), if the act uses recorded music.
    • Team Sports - Team Name(s) or enter Unknown.


FIRST review the State Finals Entry Packet for Important Information regarding policies, deadlines, fees and activities (www.ncseniorgames.org/entrypacket.pdf)

Second, ensure you have all the above items


  • Qualifying activities will appear on the registration screen.
  • You can remove those activities in which you do not wish to participate.  
  • If there are activities you would like to register for that are not listed, contact your Local Coordinator.  
    • The NCSG staff cannot add activities to your registration; only a Local Coordinator can add a qualified activity to your record.

After registering:

  • You will receive an email with confirmation of payment.
  • Within three weeks, you will also receive a Preliminary Confirmation of your State Finals activites. 
  • Any changes must be made by sending an email to ncsg@ncseniorgames.org.  
    • No changes can be made through this account after initial registration is submitted, and no changes will be accepted by phone.

We look forward to seeing you at State Finals!


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